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Frank Zappa : Letra y vídeo de "Cocaine decisions"

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Mientras seguimos demandando que alguien se atreva con un buen documental musical o una buena videografía sobre el gran Zappa, seguimos repasando sus delirantemente verdaderas letras. En este caso, el turno es para "Cocaine Decisions"

Frank Zappa
Cocaine Decisions

Chop a line now...
Cocaine decisions...
You are a person with a snow-jon
You got a fancy gotta go job
Where the cocaine decisions that you make today
Will Mean that millions somewhere else
Will do it your way

Cocaine decisions...

You are a person who is high class
You are a person not in my class
And the cocaine decisions that you make today
Will mean nothing later on
When you get nose decay

I don't wanna know
'Bout the things that you pull
Outta your nose
Or where they goes
But if you are wasted
From the stuff you're stickin' in it
I get madder every day
'Cause what you do 'n' what you say
Affects my life in such a way
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I learn to hate it every minute!

Cocaine decisions...
You are a doctor or a lawyer
You got an office with a foyer
And the cocaine decisions that you make today
Will not be discovered till it's over 'n' done
By the customers you hold at bay

Cocaine decisions...
You are a movie business guy
You got accountants who supply
The necessary figures
To determine when you fly
To Acapulco
Where all your friends go

Cocaine decisions...
We must watch the stuff you make
You have let us eat the cake
While your accountants tell you Yes Yes Yes
(How do you do it? -- Let me guess...)
Cocaine decisions...
Cocaine decisions...
Cocaine decisions...

Las letras de canciones pertenecen a sus autores y se publican aquí por motivos surrealistas.

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